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"Our priority is that all our colleagues have direct experience with excessive sweating. This is the only way we can understand all those who are suffering from excessive sweating and really help them, not just promise to do so."

Do you sometimes exercise, go running or lift weights and sweat literally pours off of you? If you stop sweating when you finish exercising, everything is fine. But what if you don’t stop sweating? Do you sweat when you get on a heated bus in winter? Does you butt or groin area sweat when you're nervous? Sweating beneath the chest can be hidden, but in combination with extreme armpit sweating it destroys the psyche, and we know a lot about it. The answer is simple, a Special Applicator and one of the compatible Electro Antiperspirants. It can be attached to your back or chest or you sit on it, causing the sweating of the buttocks to stop.

Certified medical device against excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis)

Over 100.000 satisfied customers

Sweat free anywhere after few uses





Professional support, if any help is needed

Full 50 days, since receiving the device

Individual treatment plan for free

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We were able to help ourselves and others. If you give us a chance, you’ll see shocking results in a maximum
of 12 Electro Antiperspirant therapies. If you don’t, we’ll refund your money.